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At Caress Health Studio we're all about positive energy, empowering information, superior skincare, advanced treatments, good laughs, peace and tranquility. It's called simple abundance, my simple abundance. My mantra in life is "I'm too blessed to be stressed". With the insane pace of life, I do find myself repeating that mantra on a regular basis, but it helps to remind me to just slow down . . . . . . and that I am blessed!
Did I mention my passion in the salon is anti-ageing? I should say anti - ageing that is as close to our natural ageing process as possible, because messing with nature has it's consequences! Anti-ageing of the body, the mind, and the skin.




With the need to be young - or should I say the need to look younger - woman are eager to try just about anything to get that young, rejuvenated, 'been on holiday my whole life' look. Some of the things people try really scares me, and some of the things the medical profession are up to, scare me even more. In my 26 years as an aesthetician I've seen all kinds of damage to and on the skin, and the worst damage of all, is the damage that comes up years after the event! Because I deal with damaged or stressed skin every day of my life, it's been a priority for me to gain knowledge, not only about the skin but about anything to do with anti-ageing, and more importantly to find more information on anti-ageing without turning to drastic measures like injecting ourselves with the worlds' most dangerous and lethal neuro toxin, microwaving the skin, or overdosing it with unstable forms of Vitamin A.

After losing my sister to pancreatic cancer in 2010, I gained a new found "obsession" with the body, how it functions, and what creates dis-ease and disease within this magnificient "machine". As humans, we were designed to perfection - like a fine tuned machine! Just like a car, the cheaper the oil and parts we use, the worse the car runs - it's the same with the body. The more chemicals we put into it, the more dis-eased it becomes. The bottom line is that mother nature will always fight back. Put real food in the body and it [normally] works fine, put chemical food in the body and it starts to splutter and spatter, just like a car.

I believe that if you have ALL the information, you are able to make an informed choice . . . . and that goes for anything in life!

So, that's the background, now go browse and enjoy!!!


Latest News

Chemical Peels

Chemical peeling is a technique used to improve the appearance of the skin. A chemical solution is applied to the skin which causes it to separate, peel off, and allows new skin to regenerate. The new skin is smoother, less wrinkled than the old skin, and more even in colour. Millions of chemical peels are performed each year.
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MT Microneedling

MT Microneedling Therapy is an effective, versatile, cost effective delivery system which is utilised to stimulate new collagen production and serves as a transdermal delivery device to increase the penetration of active ingredients in products. The process facilitates and stimulates the skins natural healing process without causing permanent epidermal damage and has been shown to stimulate collagen synthesis naturally.
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DermaFix Products

Cutting edge innovative and effective solutions forĀ  superior skin care. DermaFix Cosmeceutical Skin Care provides advanced products specialising in Anti-Ageing, Pigmentation, Acne, Scarring and Stretch Marks. Their Skin Care solutions and In-Clinic Treatments using clinically tested ingredients and advanced peptide technologies provide measurable, scientific results for the correction, prevention and protection of the skin.
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